This division will deliver to and from oil refineries, oil storage centers, gas stations, chemical plants & storage, & other places that accept oil and chemicals such as farms and factories. NOTE THAT MILK IS NOT INCLUDED IN TANKER DIVISION DESPITE BEING A TANK VEHICLE!


This division does everything from Flatbed, Tanker(Milk), end/belly dump, lowboy, Livestock, & occasionally Heavy Haul/Oversized, Reefer, & Dry Van. This division only delivers to farms, lumber places, quarrys, and warehouses/dc's typically but occasionally other places as well. This division is Local & Regional only.

This division uses mostly Log trailers, Chip Vans, and occasionally Flatbeds. This division delivers mostly between logging sites, lumber mills, paper mills, & farms, occasionally also delivering lumber to places like Home Store, Heartwood, Sell Goods, & Wallbert. This division is Local only. CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE!